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Dee Hock, the Banks association's first president, oversaw a massive growth of Visa while partnering with hundreds of Banks like National BankAmericard Inc. In the early 1970s, the Bank of America had expanded the use of Visa into 15 countries around the globe. The Bank of America then created a global member association, IBanco to manage the use of the Visa, then called BankAmericard. Dee Hock coined the word Visa as it stood for universal acceptance in many cultures, countries and languages. Over the last two decades, Visa has grown immensely to transactions of up to 4.3 trillion dollars in transactions and billions of Visa cardholders. Its widespread reach has made it a necessary tool for almost all the online casinos to have to enable easier and secure transactions all over the globe.

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Started by the Bank of America in 1958, in Fresno California, United States, Visa handles billions of transactions both on Visa Credit cards and debit cards. Its initial intentions were to provide BankAmericard services only in the United States, but the massive success in the states led them to believe that it could be a success at the global stage. The bank of America in 1965 began licensing agreements with banks in California to offer Visa debit and credit cards services to their customers. The late 1960s are considered the defining years for the Visa electronic card payment system where many more banks came on board to create a banks association. The banks association allowed members of different banks to withdraw and deposit their money in any bank using the unifying factor Visa International.

Its most defining moment was during the 1988 Olympics. Visa beat its other competitors like MasterCard, then called Master charge, to become the official sponsor of the Olympics to up to 2012. These meant any ticketing and any other payments in the Olympics were to be made through Visa. This deal cast Visa into the global limelight, which only led to widespread use in more international countries. It is believed the connection between Visa and casinos started here as many players used the Visa to gamble on the Olympic Games secretly. It is worth noting that Visa international does not issue cards; it is its more than 20,000 member banks who issue both the debit cards and credit cards. Visa credit cards access loans and credits through the international Visa while Debit cards access your money in any of the member banks in any bank anywhere.

Visa is one of the most secure payment methods for online casinos as the company has invested highly in high-end security features and encryption. It has some of the most guarded and secure data centres in the world, ranging from Colorado to London and even Singapore. Not only is Visa fast and reliable when it comes to depositing and withdrawing from online casinos, but it allows you to borrow money from your bank and deposit it using your visa credit card. Visa provides the players with a wide variety of choices like Visa prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards and even visa gift cards.

 Visa deposit and withdrawals

How to make a deposit to an online casino using Visa?

Having Visa as a payment method for almost all of the casinos is somewhat a priority since Visa has revolutionized the banking and the online gaming industry as a whole. Below is a step by step guide on how to deposit using Visa?

  • First look for an online casino that accepts deposits and withdrawals using Visa, which is practically all of them.
  • Register and verify your account with the online casino. Log in and go to the payments or banking page and chose Visa as the payment option.
  • Enter your banking details and enter the amount you wish to deposit while keeping in mind the maximum and minimum limits and even the transaction fees.
  • Confirm the transaction through a prompt or a text message secret code.
  • Deposits into online casinos should be instant in a matter of minutes. It has a very high transaction speed when it comes to deposits.

How to make a withdrawal from Visa online casinos

Withdrawing your winnings using the Visa is more similar to the depositing. Just log in to your account. Go to the banking or payments page and click on Visa. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm your identity before the transaction goes through. Withdrawal transactions usually take long to up to 5 days to be completed. It would be best if you also kept in mind that your bank can also reject your withdrawal.

Pros and cons of Visa Online casinos


  • Deposits to online casinos are almost instant, with a maximum of 10 minutes processing time.
  • It allows you to borrow for online casino deposits and pay later in the case of credit cards.
  • When you make your first deposit, it instantly saves your banking details, and it will not ask you every other time you wish to withdraw or deposit.
  • It is fast, easy to use and very secure due to the high-end encryption and security features.


  • It does not hide your banking details from the online casinos; hence they can easily be stolen or misused as online casinos are very easy to hack.
  • Your bank can reject your withdrawal from a casino.
  • The charges to depositing to online casinos are pretty high, including an advance fee.
  • Some of the local Banks have a maximum limit which is too low for online casino deposits and withdrawals.

Visa casinos FAQ

Is it safe to play at Visa Casinos?

Yes, Depositing and withdrawing winnings from casinos using Visa is very safe. Visa International has invested heavily in high-end encryption and security features to protect customer transactions. They also have data centers across the globe that are heavily guarded to protect your banking details and transactions.

Do every casino accept Visa?

Not all of them but 99% of the online casinos across the globe accept Visa as a payment method as it is virtually everywhere. The fact that it is available in almost all the countries on the planet makes it a necessary tool for every online casino to have.

Are Visa casinos legit?

Yes, before Visa international accepts to be a payment method for any online casino, it would have done its due intelligence to determine its legitimacy. If Visa in any way realizes the casino is breaking the set rules and regulations, it cuts its ties with the online casino immediately.