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Playing in online casinos can be perceived as risky by many players, not only because of the chances of losing money but because you don't want to risk giving your bank or credit card details to websites.

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Fortunately for many, several secure payment alternatives protect the data and money of users of online casinos. One of them is UnionPay, one of the current financial leaders of Chinese origin.

UnionPay acceptance has expanded to 174 countries and regions. In Asia and Europe, UnionPay payments are available at about 90% of merchants; meanwhile, about 80% of businesses in the US now accept UnionPay credit card payments.

Other statistical data from UnionPay International also reveals is that there is an increasing acceptance rate in emerging tourist destinations such as Russia, the African continent, and India.

UnionPay is the official card of banks in China; it is usually connected to bank accounts in this country. UnionPay was founded in 2002, by the efforts of various banking institutions, such as The Agricultural Bank of China, The Bank of China, The China Construction Bank, and The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

Since its creation, this payment method has focused on providing financial products and solutions to its users, covering one of the world's largest global markets. Likewise, since its inception, the population of China has received this debit card at their local banks to use their money more simply for payments and purchases.

Over the years, UnionPay has expanded to other countries, now being available in thousands of businesses internationally, and displacing MasterCard and Visa as a card issuer. It has gained a lot of popularity because it is a secure, flexible, accessible, and convenient payment method.

Today, the UnionPay card is linked to more than 60 of the most important banks worldwide, on all continents, and in more than 174 countries. Online casinos are not far behind, and they also have UnionPay listed as one of the payment methods legally accepted on their platforms, which provides security to users.

UnionPay Deposit and Withdrawals

To make deposits in online casinos using UnionPay, you need to do the following:

You must first get a UnionPay card. In order to get it, you must consult the bank to know its availability of this card; if so, you must apply for it. Otherwise, other electronic wallets such as Ecard, Sticpay or Mifinity, among others, can be used to obtain this card.

Once the UnionPay card is available, funds must be deposited to the account to which it is associated, since UnionPay is a debit card, so it will only take the funds that are available in the wallet.

With the card and the funds available, you must open the online casino page and log in to play for real money; then, you must go to the cashier and locate the option to deposit with UnionPay.

Now you will need to enter the UnionPay card number along with the verification information, in addition to the amount you want to deposit. If the funds are sufficient, the transaction will be confirmed in just a few seconds, and you can proceed to play with the available balance.

These are the steps to follow to withdraw money from the online casino using UnionPay:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to withdraw money directly from the online casino to the UnionPay card in most casinos, since it is a debit card associated with a bank account or digital wallet. In this case, when withdrawing money, you should select the most convenient option for it.

For these reasons, before making deposits at an online casino using the UnionPay card, it is advisable to review the available withdrawal methods to avoid losing the money you win on betting.

Pros and Cons of UnionPay

Using UnionPay has some pros, such as:

  • The UnionPay card offers a fairly robust, secure, fast, and reliable method of depositing in online casinos. Since it is a debit card, there is no risk of acquiring debts or spending extra money by accident.
  • UnionPay is a much cheaper, and even free in some cases, debit card option than other similar payment options.
  • They are widely accepted internationally, as it is even more widely used than other card methods such as Visa or MasterCard.
  • It is a very safe payment method since it meets a large number of international banking standards.
  • The payment experience using UnionPay is one of the best, as transactions are done quickly, and it offers a number of business discounts and tax refunds in many countries.
  • By making deposits at online casinos, the money will be available almost immediately.
  • UnionPay can be used almost everywhere, as it has started to be used in more than 170 countries around the world.
  • The services offered by UnionPay are reliable, as they are legitimized, so they are safe, and they are also user-oriented.

Among the cons of UnionPay, the following can be highlighted:

  • UnionPay still has a long way to go outside the Asian continent, so most online casinos that accept this payment method belong to this continent.
  • Deposit limits in online casinos using this payment method can be low compared to other similar methods on many sites. This can drive away high rollers who want to make much bigger bets.
  • Fees for the use of this card in any way can be annoying and somewhat high in some countries.

UnionPay Casinos FAQ

Is It Safe to Play at UnionPay Casinos?

Yes, in fact, UnionPay is one of the safest methods to make payments in Online Casinos, since it has a series of security measures created to protect the money of its users.

Do Every Casino Accept UnionPay?

No, although UnionPay is expanding worldwide, the majority of casinos that accept this payment method are concentrated in Asia. Besides, there are places like Manaus, where the use of UnionPay to gamble in online casinos has been banned.

Are UnionPay Casinos Legit

Yes, casinos that accept UnionPay as a payment method have been legitimized by this service provider for their use.

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