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Thousands of users place bets on a daily basis using the various online casinos that exist, and for this, they require payment methods that are safe, reliable and fast, in order to bet with real money.

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However, many of these online methods tend to be slow or involve providing personal data, making many users fearful of making bets online. However, there are safe and reliable payment methods that protect players' privacy; one of them is SticPay.

SticPay was born in 2018 in the United Kingdom, as an international global electronic wallet service. It is possible to send and receive payments in less than a minute, regardless of geographical location.

Despite being a young company, SticPay has established itself as one of the best payment methods on the market, winning awards such as the Payments Awards' Best Digital Wallet just one year after its creation, in 2019, along with others rewards.

One of the features that SticPay has made it so popular is that from the beginning, it has been allowed to be used as a method of payment in online casinos. Without charging additional fees to users, it is a perfect alternative for those who want to avoid extra expenses when placing bets.

Additionally, the SticPay system is exceptionally secure, allowing game-related transactions not to become a problem for users, plus they can immediately mobilize and dispose of their funds.

The SticPay platform is very simple to use, even for those users who do not have much experience with similar electronic wallets. This system is excellent for everyone who needs a quick and easy payment method.

Additionally, SticPay not only allows you to make and receive payments from online casinos, but it also allows users to make direct transfers to other users, make purchases online, pay for services, withdraw money from their bank, and much more.

SticPay allows its use with various currencies, and is available on the Asian, European and American continents, and continues to expand to more countries each year. In fact, SticPay managed to experience growth of almost 300% in its first year, because it is an economical, convenient, and very easy to use payment method.

SticPay Deposit and Withdrawals

If you need to make a deposit at an online casino using SticPay, here are the steps you should follow:

You must first register on the SticPay website, filling in your details and following the system's instructions. This is a reasonably quick and straightforward process. When you have completed the registration and have verified your SticPay account, you must deposit money into your account; for this, you can use bank transfers, transfers from other SticPay users, cryptocurrencies, or the debit or credit card, among others.

In the case of depositing money through a bank transfer, it could take between 3 and five business days to be credited to the account. Once the payment is credited, you can proceed to the casino website to load the funds.

Being within the casino's website, you must enter your account and choose the option to deposit funds at the Cashier, using SticPay as a means of payment. You must enter the amount to deposit, and proceed to complete the transaction following the instructions of the system.

If you want to withdraw your funds from the casino using SticPay, you must follow these steps:

To withdraw money from the online casino using SticPay, you must enter your account within the casino, and go to the Cashier section. While there, you click on the option to withdraw money using SticPay, enter your email associated with this wallet, the password, and the amount you want to withdraw.

In some online casinos, this payment could be processed immediately; however, it could take up to 72 hours in others. If you need to have funds quickly, it is always advisable to consult the terms and conditions of the online casino. This way, you can choose another withdrawal method that may be faster than SticPay.

Pros and Cons of SticPay

Among the pros of using SticPay as a payment method, the following stand out:

  • StickPay offers the possibility of managing money in your electronic wallet with different currencies from all over the world, which makes it very easy to be able to play in casinos around the world without worrying about having to carry out complicated currency conversions.
  •  SticPay is connected to traditional banking systems, as well as offering fully encrypted servers and complying with standard banking protocols to protect all users' personal information, making all transactions you make with this e-wallet incredibly secure.
  • You can use a wide variety of methods and currencies to load funds to your SticPay account, as well as to withdraw money, from credit or debit cards to bank transfers, transfers to crypto-wallets, and much more.
  •  Withdrawal of funds from a casino using SticPay takes about 72 hours, which is much less time than traditional banks. This time can be much less depending on the characteristics of the casino used.

Among the cons of SticPay the following stand out:

  •  Although SticPay charges fewer fees than other electronic wallets, a variety of additional fees may still apply depending on the type of transaction being carried out. Likewise, the selected casino could charge an additional commission for making withdrawals using this method, so it is essential to consult the terms and conditions of use.
  •  Although SticPay is in the process of expanding, it does not yet cover all countries, as it is a very recently created wallet. It is important to highlight that this situation could change in the future.

SticPay Casinos FAQ

Is It Safe to Play at SticPay Casinos?

Yes, SticPay has licenses and regulations as a financial institution, which helps to keep protected all those transactions that are carried out with its platform, in addition to these transactions being protected with the most modern encryption methods.

Do Every Casino Accept SticPay?

No, it is possible to use SticPay in a wide variety of online casinos, but it is not yet a universally accepted payment method.

Are SticPay Casinos Legit?

Yes, SticPay complies with many laws for its operation, and legally offers the online casino payment and withdrawal service, so it is entirely legal to use this payment method to play in online casinos.

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