Russian Ruble Currency Casino

There are hundreds of online casinos across the globe that accept Russian Rubles (RUB) currency, although they are not fully legalized. This is because online and land-based casinos and gambling activities have been banned since the 1st of July 2009. The Gambling activities and introduction of amendments to some legislative Acts law were passed and adopted in 2006. It only allowed gambling in four regions: Altai, Primorsky Krai, Kaliningrad Oblast, and Rostov Oblast. Crimea and Kubai zone was later added to those regions that allowed gambling when the Kuban zone moved nearer to Sochi.

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As much as gambling in Russia was banned and restricted to the original four zones, the rest of the country has seen an increase in the online casino activities, lottery centers, and bookmarkers. Some of these are legal, but others are illegal as they allow gambling secretly in regions that are prohibited. It is believed that over 35% of Russians engage in both legal and illegal gambling, and 70% of them do their gambling through online casinos. Of the allowed four regions, PrimorHe is the most successful as it posts a 1.2 billion Russian Rubles net profit annually.

The Russian rubles currency has been in existence for the last 802 years since the 13th century and is considered to be among the oldest currencies inside and outside Europe. The word Rubles was derived from the word "Rubit," which in Russia means to "chop or cut," and this is because they were originally chopped off from "hryvna," a currency that was used then by Kievan Rus. It is recorded that Rubles were first minted and used as a currency in the 14th century.

The Russian Ruble has withstood the test of time and civil wars. In 1923, the Russian Ruble value plummeted, which led to it being used only locally, but another special currency was created for foreign exchange rates and transactions. The Russian Ruble is widely used by the Russians to gamble as most of the casinos that support the Russian Rubles have many different ways to deposit and withdraw the currency.

Features of RUB Gambling

Online Gambling in Russia and outside of Russia using the Russia n Ruble is quite difficult, and some of the sites of online gambling casinos in Russia end up being blocked by Roskomnadzor. The introduction of the Interactive bets in 2014 provided a loophole that online gambling casinos utilized to enhance gambling in and out of Russia using the Russian Ruble. Several casino portals still function in Russia through cooperation between local companies and foreign online casino operators.

The advantage of using the Russian Ruble for gambling is that it has many choices of payment and withdrawal options that are safe and easy to use. Almost all the Russian Ruble casinos don't charge anything for making deposits; it is only the payment option that can cost you a deposit fee. The other advantage is that you don't need to change your local currency into another currency like USD or the sterling pound for you to deposit into a payment option or the online casino account.

Make Deposit with Russian Ruble

Since you cannot deposit and withdraw the Russian Ruble directly into an online casino due to the ban on online gambling in Russia, you can use other payment methods like and QIWI. The most popular payment options include:

  • ?Yandex Money

It is believed to have over 30 million users across Russia and countries that use the Russian Ruble like Belarus. It provides anonymity for Russian online casino gamblers, and it is safe and easy to use.

  • ?Webmoney- it is a very popular e-wallet service in Russia and other countries. It also has its Russian website to enable Russians to withdraw and deposit their money easily and safely. You can also exchange your currencies through the wallets without using an external currency exchanger
  • ?QIWI- it is mostly used by Russian online gamblers to deposit and withdraw their winnings. The transactions are encrypted to protect the online casino gamblers, and they also withhold your banking details from the online casinos. QIWI is also very popular because it does not charge you to deposit Russian Rubles and withdraw them from the online casinos.

How to deposit Russian Rubles into Online Casinos

  • ?First, you find a reliable and most trusted online gambling casino that allows Russian Rubles.
  • ?Create an account with the Russian Ruble casino.
  • ?Verify your account and go to the banking option where you will find all the supported payment options and how to go about it.
  • ?Fill in the amount you want to deposit and your bank details.
  • ?Confirm your deposit request by a secret code sent to you and login to your account and start gambling.

Best RUB Casinos 2022

1.?Jackpot City with a bonus of up to C$1600

2.?SpinCasino with a bonus of c$1000

3.?CasinoChan with a bonus of C$1750

4.?Playamo with a casino bonus of up to C$1800

5.?LuckyNugget with a bonus of c$1000

6.?EnergyCasino with a bonus of up to C$100 with a 200% cashback

7.?Spin Palace with a bonus of up to C$1000

8.?Gaming Club with a casino bonus of up to $350

9.?Bob Casino with a bonus of about C$1500

10.?Alf Casino with a bonus of $500