Indonesian Rupiah online casinos

Operating an illegal online casino or any form of gambling in Indonesia comes at a very severe cost and risk. The consequences of being found gambling include up to five years in prison, caned in public, or even hefty fines. It is worth noting that Indonesia does not have strict laws against online gambling. It is the Citizens, especially the Muslim community that is against such activities.

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Considered as one of the most hostile environments for both online and land-based gambling in the world, Indonesia does not allow any form of gambling in its territory. With the highest population of Indonesia being Muslim, their devotion to their culture and religion has led to illegalizing of gambling, among other things considered unholy or illegal. There used to be a state-owned Lottery that was run by the government, but it was later shut down due to outrage and strikes against its operations by the Muslim community. However, the strict rules and regulations have not hindered the illegal online casino providers, arcade games, and casino tables from being run in Indonesia.

Issued and controlled by the Bank of Indonesia, the Rupiah was adopted in 1946 by nationalists fighting for the independence of Indonesia. There were several forms of the Rupiah then, but in 1971, it was adopted as the national currency of Indonesia. There have been calls for the redenomination of the Indonesian Rupiah, but they have not been successful so far. The use of the Indonesian Rupiah for gambling dates back to the early 1950s. Currently, only offshore or foreign online casinos are operating in Indonesia, though illegally, and very few of them accept the Indonesian Rupiah due to the strict rules.

Features of IDR gambling

Online gambling with the Indonesian Rupiah is characterized by Ip blocks, shutting down of local online casinos, and heavy internet policing. All these and many more strict measures against online casino operators have not scared away some of the offshore online casinos like Mr. Green from operating in the country. The benefit of using the Indonesian Rupiah in online casinos is that there are many available, affordable payment options for depositing into an online casino. The other advantage is that some top online casinos offer their bonuses in IDR currency hence no cost for exchange, and it also saves you the time of converting the currency. It is also much safer gambling online using the Indonesian Rupiah than physically going to an illegal land-based casino.

The main drawback is that since it is illegal to gamble in an online casino, if found, you can face public ridicule, caning, and even a prison sentence of up to 5 years. This hostile environment towards online gambling has led to many top online casino operators staying away from the Indonesian gambling scene. Hence, very few choices for an Indonesian online casino player.

Make deposit with IDR currency

As much as there are strict rules against online gambling in Indonesia, there are several payment options that accept the Indonesian Rupiah in Indonesia. The Indonesian government cracking down on payment options that deposit into online casinos has made e-wallets and cryptocurrencies the safest and secure payment options available for the Indonesian online casino players.

  • ?PayPal- among the oldest e-wallets available, PayPal is widely used by many Indonesian Online casino players to deposit into their online casino accounts. It is not only fast but also safe from access by the government.
  • ?Skrill- Skrill is also popular among the Indonesian players. With high-tech encryption and security features, it hides your banking details from the online casinos.
  • ?Scratch cards- this is the easiest way. You have to purchase it from a local shop and paste the code on your online casino's payment page. They are not only easy to find and use but also they are more secretive and hard to trace by the government.

How to make deposits using IDR currency?

After knowing about the illegality of online gambling and choosing the best payment option, you now need a step by step guide on how to deposit the IDR currency.

  • ?First, determine the best and most secure online casino that accepts the Indonesian Rupiah.
  • ?Register, verify, and log in to your account.
  • ?Go to the banking or payment page, click on the payment option you chose, and enter your banking details.
  • ?Enter the amount while keeping in mind the minimum and maximum amounts allowed.
  • ?Confirm the transaction through a prompt or a secret code.

For the scratch cards, you only need to buy it from a shop, scratch it, and copy the code. Then go to the payments page in your online casino account, click on the Scratch card payment option, and paste the code. These usually take only a few minutes to reflect.