Perfect Money Online Casinos

Online casinos increasingly offer payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals. Perfect Money is currently one of the most accepted payment processors within online casinos, ideal for all kinds of games and online betting. This electronic wallet has been gaining in popularity since its foundation.

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Users think about Perfect Money as a smooth and efficient online payment system. Designed for both, businesses and individuals, Perfect Money can be used for various purposes, including the purchase of foreign exchange (dollars, euros, and Bitcoins), the acquisition of assets such as gold, the payment of goods and services, and the shipping and receiving funds from one user to another.

This wallet is also an excellent solution to move reasonable amounts of money. Just by having cash in the processor, we are granted an interest of 4% every month, much more than any bank. But there's more, in any bank to open an account you need a thousand requirements and some cash, in Perfect Money not only is more accessible, but it is free.

Besides, it is a fully trusted processor that has been online since 2007, belonging to the SR & I company. This company has a class A license to carry out financial transactions with third parties. Its main headquarters are in Panama, but it has its offices in Zurich (Switzerland), Perfect Money has been around for more than a decade.

Perfect money includes a multi-level security system, with fast transactions and technical support during the all year, 24/7. This method has shown that it is convenient for small and medium-sized businesses and for people who make micro-payments.

You can enjoy profitable fees with this method. There are various ways available to make deposits or withdrawals, as you can process your funds through bank transfers, e-Vouchers, and many other services. You will also be able to see your statistics: account movements, statements, and charts.


Perfect Money Deposit and Withdrawals

If you want to deposit in an online casino using Perfect Money, you must follow the following steps:

First, you need to open an account by filling out a simple online form. Next, you will be required to verify this account by sending a photograph of your identification, a document that shows the address, and validation of the phone number.

Once the account is verified, you are ready to deposit money. Ways to deposit money to the account include transferring money directly from your bank account or receiving direct transfers from other Perfect Money users, Bitcoin, or with your debit or credit card.

With your account verified and funds available, you can proceed to make the deposit at the online casino. To do this, go to your user panel, and from there to the portfolio section. Once there, you can do the deposit, selecting Perfect Money as an option, and then following the casino's instructions.

To withdraw money from the online casino to the Perfect Money account, you must follow these steps:

Then, you should enter at the account of the online casino, and select the option to make a withdrawal. Select Perfect Money as your withdrawal option, the amount, and you can enjoy the money almost immediately, although this could vary between online casinos.

It is essential to highlight that some casinos may not allow this withdrawal option if a deposit has not been previously made with this method.

Pros and Cons of Perfect Money

The pros of using Perfect Money for betting include:

  • It allows you to receive, withdraw, or send money worldwide without restrictions. With Perfect Money, you can securely buy products and services. Money transfers between accounts instantly.
  • You can earn a 4% annual interest for the balance deposited in the account, which is an essential factor to consider
  • With this wallet, you can receive or send money in USD, Bitcoin, gold, or EUR.
  • You can change your money into different currencies with low fees and in just a couple of seconds.
  • Users of the Perfect Money system can choose different types of memberships, including Premium, Normal, and, of course, Partner.
  • Diversity of security measures:
  • Customer service is available at any time of the year, without problems.
  • Free app for mobile phones.

As for the cons of using Perfect Money, some of these are:

  • It is not available in most countries.
  • On many occasions, it takes up to 5 days for deposits to be available
  • It does not allow withdrawals or deposits with a bank account of less than 300 USD, which is a limitation for many potential users.
  • Currency conversion rates are higher than other options.
  • Its use is not as widespread as other similar options, which limits when buying products and services.
  • All payments made in this system are irreversible, so if the wrong amount is transferred, or we have been the victim of a scam, there is no way to recover the money.
  • A minimum balance of $ 100 must be maintained in the account or can apply additional fees or even temporary suspension for the account.

Perfect Money Casinos FAQ

Is It Safe to Play at Perfect Money Casinos?

Yes, Perfect Money's security is done primarily through encryption and identity. PIN codes are used to verify user identities when setting up an account, and (often) when making deposits and withdrawals.

Although, it is essential not to forget that there are no possibilities of getting refunds of the payments made, so it is necessary to verify the amounts well before sending money and that the selected online casino is legit.

Do Every Casino Accept Perfect Money?

No, several online casinos accept this payment method for gambling, but its use is not as widespread as other similar digital wallet options.

Are Perfect money Casinos Legit?

Yes, Perfect Money meets strict international financial standards, so casinos that are authorized to receive and send payments in this wallet are legal. However, it should be noted that this processor is not yet usable in some countries.

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