MiFinity Online Casinos

Of course, to do this, online casinos were forced to look for new payment methods that would allow users to make fast transactions securely, and one of these responses was MiFinity.

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With the advent of the internet, all businesses had to adapt to several significant changes, including the ways of receiving payments. The casinos were not the exception since they saw the web opportunity to be able to massify their services and, in this way, reach a higher number of users.

MiFinity is an online wallet that is a leader in the global payment solutions industry, started operating in 2002, and has been licensed in the United Kingdom since 2018, as well as having its bases of operations in Ireland and Malta. It currently has a presence in some 180 countries, in addition to handling at least 80 different types of currencies.

To define MiFinity, it can be considered a merge of a digital wallet, global bank, mobile payments, currency conversion service, close loop programs, and, as if that were not enough, a payment processor. Besides, it offers prepaid cards both in format digital as well as virtual format.

This method is much more flexible than similar ones since it is possible to mobilize money to any other part of the world, in practically any currency, quickly. It is even possible to associate this wallet with card issuers such as Visa, UnionPay, or Mastercard.

MiFinity is a fast and flexible processor, but it is also one of the safest. Over the years, they have invested a lot of money and effort into improving their security systems, including SMS security codes, 2FA, anti-fraud protection, and much more.

The platform for this payment method is connected to the most important banks in the world, as well as to debit card issuers and processors, offering much lower costs than most of its most important competitors.

With MiFinity, it is possible to send and receive payments from other users. Still, it is also possible to deposit and withdraw money from many online casinos, both online and through its mobile app, which has made it the favorite of many players.

MiFinity Deposit and Withdrawals

To deposit money with MiFinity in an online casino, follow these steps:

  • First, you need to register with MiFinity, with a username, an email address, and enter a strong password. Then you must open the activation link that will reach your email.
  • Once this is done, you must enter your account, and you must create an electronic wallet, specifying the category and type of currency that will be deposited in it. You will then proceed to enter your personal data, such as your name and last name, date of birth, nationality, telephone number, and complete and exact residence address, and to configure the security questions.
  • In order to use your e-wallet in MiFinity, you will also need to verify your phone number and identity, uploading a photograph with your valid identification document, such as a driver's license.
  • After checking the electronic wallet, you need to deposit money. For this, you can use different methods depending on your country, such as payments with your card or bank account, or receiving a direct transfer from another MiFinity user.
  • With your account created and the money available, you can make a deposit at the selected online casino; this process is straightforward. You just have to enter the cashier option on the casino website, enter the amount to deposit, and choose MiFinity as a payment method. Then you must follow the instructions to confirm the payment.
  • When you make a deposit at the online casino using MiFinity, you will have the money immediately.

If you want to withdraw money from the casino to your account, you must follow these steps:

  • You must go to your account on the online casino page, and select the withdrawal option. Then you choose MiFinity among the available withdrawal options, enter the amount you want, and ready; you can use the money after a short wait.
  • It is always important to check if the selected online casino offers MiFinity as a withdrawal option, although most casinos allow it without problems.

Pros and Cons of MiFinity

Using MiFinity has many pros, such as:

  •  MiFinity is genuinely a global payment solution. This payment method is accepted in more than 180 countries and allows you to create wallets in about 80 different currencies, from USD to CAD, RON, EUR, and much more.
  • MiFinity has necessary integrations, including BitPay, this means that it is entirely acceptable and possible to manage BTC and Bitcoin Cash with this payment method. This is very attractive to many online casino users.
  •  MiFinity includes a series of security measures that make your system almost impenetrable, so your money will be very safe and well protected. Besides, transfers made with this system are effective almost instantaneously no matter where in the world you are.
  •  Your bank details will always be safe when using MiFinity as a payment processor and those of your credit or debit cards, which gives you more security and privacy.
  • You can create many parallel e-wallets within MiFinity, allowing you to simultaneously manage different currencies.
  • The fees MiFinity charges for its use turn out to be significantly lower than other similar digital payment methods.

Among the cons of Mifinity you can notice:

  • Although MiFinity has a significant presence globally, not all countries accept its use for betting in online casinos.
  • The fees charged by Mifinity are generally low, but this varies from country to country so that they may be higher in some regions or with some deposit methods.
  •  If you used your credit card to deposit money into your MiFinity account, you may accidentally overspend, which could lead to financial difficulties.
  • Some casinos may have low limits when making money withdrawals towards this payment method.

MiFinity Casinos FAQ

Is It Safe to Play at MiFinity Casinos?

Yes, MiFinity is licensed by the FCA in the UK, making it a very secure and internationally supported System.

Do Every Casino Accept MiFinity?

No, many online casinos accept this method of payment, but there are still many casinos that do not accept this wallet to make deposits or withdrawals.

Are MiFinity Casinos Legit?

Yes, all casinos that allow you to make deposits using this payment method are legally backed, so there is nothing wrong with placing bets with funds from this electronic wallet in casinos that allow it.

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