Guide to Find the Best MGA Casinos

Considered Europe's home to the gaming industry, Malta's government has recognized the evolution and importance of the iGaming industry. It's under this premise that the Malta Gaming Authority was established in 2001. The main objective of the MGA is to consolidate, regulate, and legitimize the online gaming industry. To accomplish this goal, they grant and monitor licenses related to gaming and they collect taxes on behalf of their government. Their gaming licenses are divided in two, B2B - Critical Supply License and B2C Gaming Service License, new license solicitors can choose to have both.

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Find License Proof. Regulations are not just for show. They ensure that you're receiving fair treatment and that both you and your money are safe. Before starting your adventure into any online casino, make sure that it's regulated. Usually all online casinos are proud of their licenses, and they advertise them in their front page, if this is not the case you can check the footnotes at the bottom of their website. If you're having a hard time finding or verifying the credential of an online casino, this could be a bad starting sign. It might be best to look for better options.

Check Gaming Software. Games are the substance that holds together an online casino. Before committing to a specific brand, check that they have a healthy game variety, from top developers.

Make Safe Payments. Trusting any company with your hard-earned money is a huge step. Be sure that the casino you choose has the technology, and the right partners to ensure that your money is secure.

Look for Big Bonuses. Loyalty programs, VIP programs, welcome bonuses, promotions, and more. All extra features online casinos offer to differentiate from the rest. Look for the ones that adapt best to your play style. Usually bigger is better, but not always.

TST Mobile. With current HTML5 technologies, and more, there's no excuse for a modern casino to not run as native on mobile. Playing on the go is convenient and pleasant. Be sure the online casino you choose offers this feature.

Read Terms. Anything you do inside an online casino is regulated by their terms and conditions, including betting, withdrawals, deposits, etc. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these terms so that you don't receive unpleasant surprises.

Contact Support. Eventually things will go wrong, or at least not as smoothly as expected. In those instances, a 24/7 customer support is a blessing, especially if they have several ways of reaching out to you like via email, phone number, Skype, etc. Ensure that your online casino offers some form of customer support to help you out when you run into trouble.

Malta Gaming Authority License Overview

Before receiving an MGA license, an online casino must fill a "New Licence Application" form on the MGA's website. In this form, they will ask for several requirements from the casino, including.

  • Company's Name.
  • License Type. (They can choose between Gaming, Corporate, and Limited Duration. For gaming they can also choose between B2B, B2C, or both license types).
  • Entity Declaration (Details, Group Companies, Litigation, Directorships and Business Affiliations, Financial Details, Jurisdiction, and more).
  • Outsourcing.
  • Financial Management Info.
  • Personal Declaration (Personal Details, Involvement Type, Existing Contact, Passport and Residence Details, Arrests, Detentions, and Litigations, and more).
  • Gaming Information (Game Types, Providers, Hardware, Hosting, and more).
  • Domains Form.
  • Approval of New Game (If any).

Meet Types of MGA License

MGA offers three types of license holder Gaming, Corporate, and Limited Duration. The Gaming license in turn is divided into two license types B2B - Critical Supply Licence and B2C - Gaming Service Licence, a solicitant may also choose to have both. B2B means business to business, these licenses are meant for game developers and suppliers. B2C means business to consumer, this is the standard license an online casino would solicit before carrying out a gaming service.

Check License Reliability and Protection

The perfect casino for you must be fun but also secure, at the end you'll be trusting them with your money. To ensure that your money is secure, check that they have the latest security technologies like SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer), and that they provide you an assortment of secure payment methods. Alternatively, we've rated and reviewed several casinos on our site. Check them out to ensure you make an informed decision. Also, don't forget to read their T&Cs, it's very important that you understand what you're getting into.

In addition, be sure that they are licensed by renowned associations like the MGA. Besides associations, you can also rely on gaming certs, alternate measures that ensure an online casino's legitimacy an example of certs is the eCOGRA. Furthermore, check the games the casino provides, not all games have a good RTP (Return to Player) rate or use RNG (Random Number Generator). A good way to avoid this issue is to check for online casinos that offer games from renowned providers.

Malta Gaming Authority FAQ

Can I trust MGA Licensed Casinos?

Short answer, yes. The long answer is a bit more complicated. While all MGA casinos and game providers pass through several checks to ensure their quality and legitimacy, there are instances that, even though legal, might not be entirely beneficial to you. That's why it's so important for you to understand the T&Cs and in general the way your preferred casino works.

How Do I know That a Casino Is Regulated by MGA?

Usually online casinos showcase their license very clearly or in the footnotes at the bottom of their webpage, sometimes it can be hidden in their T&Cs. If you can't find it anywhere that isn't a good sign. If you did, and want to verify it, MGA facilitates this via their webpage.

How Can I Send a Complaint to MGA About a Licensed Casino?

Before submitting a complaint directly to MGA, try to resolve any dispute directly with the online casino. If you need MGA's intervention you can fill in a complaint form on their website. You'll need to provide your contact information, the online casino info, the game you were playing, a short description of your claims, among others.

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