All About LAVA Pay

Lava Pay is the new kid in the block that forayed into the payments market during January 2013. It is yet to penetrate the global market but nevertheless, it has shown a lot of promise with its value offerings in whichever geography it caters to. It is an international payment service that offers e-wallet facilities and robust shopping cart platforms to its clients.

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One of the striking features of Lava Pay is its ability to conduct transactions in Bitcoins. It can directly accept Bitcoins from its users and convert them into the desired currencies like US Dollars, Russian Rubles, Euros, to name a few. No elaborate setting is required to conduct cryptocurrency transactions with Lava Pay. The customers can easily deposit and withdraw Bitcoins, Livecoin by using Lava Pay.

Lava Pay has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. It uses a lot of the latest and innovative software to power its platform. It also offers software plugins to support e-commerce platforms like TomatoCart, Ubercart, CubeCart, and many more. Lava pay is also collaborating with various Bitcoin Stock Exchanges so that it can make the cryptocurrency transactions better and faster for its customers.

Some of the appealing features of Lava pay include:

  • It offers seamless bank transfer services.
  • It comes with its own Lava pay debit cards which can help the customers conduct any sort of payment in stores, kiosks, etc.
  • Lava pay also offers the provision of international money transfer with nominal fees.
  • It also helps in cryptocurrency transactions be it deposit or withdrawal.

Lava pay Deposit and Withdrawals

Lava pay is relatively new to the gaming circuit as a payment option. The scenario is changing slowly as more and more casinos are collaborating with Lava pay.

This section will talk about how to deposit your money using Lava pay:

  • You need to check the �Cashier' section of the casino to see if it has Lava pay as one of the payment options

Lava pay is slowly catching up in the gaming world. You need to check the payment options present in the �Cashier' section. Once you see the option �Lava pay', you will have to click on it.

  • You have to key in the details in your Lava pay account

Once you select Lava pay, you will be redirected to its page. You will be asked to fill in your personal details like name, phone number, etc which will be used for verification purposes. Once your Lava pay account is set, you need to type the deposit amount and approve the transaction. You might receive a one-time code to validate the transaction. Once your transaction is approved, your amount will get deposited into your casino account.

  • Finally, you need to check your casino account to see if the money has been deposited

Once you are done with approving the payment, you can check the payment section of your casino account to see if the amount has been deposited. Once you get the confirmation, you can go ahead and start playing your favorite game.

The withdrawal method of Lava pay is not very different from the deposit method. Quite a few casinos have a policy of not allowing players to withdraw money from the same payment method which they have used for making a deposit. Firstly, you need to check if the casino has Lava pay as a withdrawal option. You might have to keep the required banking documents ready in case the casino would need it to process the amount.

Lava pay allows the players to conduct transactions in cryptocurrencies for casinos which has such provisions for bitcoin payments. Every casino has its own payment processing time but generally, it takes around 1-5 days for the withdrawal amount to get reflected in your account.

Pros and Cons of Lava pay

Lava pay is working towards strengthening its network worldwide with a plethora of its value propositions. It has created a lot of products and software that has really helped its customers experience the benefits of swifter and convenient payments.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Lava pay:

Pros of Lava pay:

  • Lava pay has deployed virtual cards for its users which will help them in shopping anywhere and everywhere.
  • All the payment gateways and pages are SSL encrypted which makes Lava pay super secured and safe.
  • It offers advanced level protection to the merchants and business clients to prevent fraud and mitigate cybersecurity threats.
  • Lava pay provides software modules for a plethora of e-commerce platforms which makes the payment page super-friendly and easy-to-use.
  • It offers the swiftest procedure for processing credit cards anywhere anytime.
  • Lava pay is very particular about following all compliance and regulations mandated by PCI.
  • Lava pay is closely associated with the Bitcoin Stock Exchange which allows the effortless transaction of various cryptocurrencies. This will help the customers to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies after currency conversion.
  • It supports a lot of currencies which makes it easier for users worldwide to operate Lava pay value propositions with ease. Some of the currencies supported by Lava pay are Canadian Dollars, Great Britain Pounds, Euros, New Zealand Dollars, Japanese Yen, to name a few.

Cons of Lava pay

  • Lava pay has a limited sphere of operation and hence players will not find this mode of payment in many casinos.
  • Lava pay charges for ATM transactions. Any ATM withdrawal will result in incurring a fee of $3.50. In case you have to withdraw from ATM several times, you will have to shell out a substantial processing fee for ATM usage.
  • The casinos offering Lava pay as a withdrawal option are limited.

Lava pay Casinos FAQ

Is It Safe to Play at Lava pay Casinos?

Lava pay is fully PCI compliant and follows strict regulatory guidelines. Yes, it is safe to play at Lava pay casinos.

Do Every Casino Accept Lava pay?

Though the usage of Lava pay is not restricted in terms of geographical boundaries it is yet to catch up in the global arena. Currently, only a few casinos have collaborated with Lava pay to make it one of its payment options. It is slowly climbing up in the gambling arena as more and more casinos are taking up an interest in Lava pay and collaborating with the payment portal.

Are Lava pay Casinos Legit?

Lava pay takes the utmost care to follow all the safety norms and regulations for the benefit of its customers. So it takes special care to collaborate with legit institutions. Most of the Lava pay casinos are legit.

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