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iWallet was founded by Dmitriy Kolchin San Diego, CA. It is used in just about every western country that you can think of. Obviously, it has a lot of uses in North America, but it's also used a lot in other continents such as Europe and Asia.

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It happens to be the least popular in Asia, but some people still happen to use it. The system was practical because it allowed others to sell their products faster with the QR scans. It's also a very safe method because your bank information won't be kept with who is getting iWallet money.

If you are going to use one of these methods for gambling, make sure that you aren't using the majority of your money on iWallet. However it's still a really fast method for those who you who don't like waiting on your bank.

As the company gets bigger and bigger more casinos are going to be using it. It was only created a decade and there isn't enough talk on the news or social media to make an effort to get iWallet everywhere.

- iWallet deposits and withdrawals

With this service, it's really easy to be able to take out money from accounts that you already use, while still being safe in the process. You only have to use a QR code with the people who are at the casino to be as safe as possible. This means that no one gets your CVV, credit card number or date it would expire. Making deposits are very secure and there's almost no chance that people will be able to steal your information.

Withdrawing with the iWallet card can be really easy. Chances are, you've been using a lot of apps and have one that connects with iWallet. Apps like Paypal and cashapp take money from almost any country that you are going to gamble in. Not only that, but the speed at which you are able to get your money is incredibly fast.

Most casinos will answer any questions that you have about iWallet. This can be about their relationship with the company or if they receive any direct benefits. This will restore confidence that you wouldn't have other wise had and those are questions that you deserve answers for. Also, every casino that accepts these payment methods will have a license that you check out for yourself.

 - iWallet Pros and Cons

One of the biggest pros of iWallet is the ability to be able to use QR codes to make really fast purchases. If everyone in a line had QR codes to request a certain service, there wouldn't be that many people to be able stand there long.

It is also very secure to be able to use this payment method when just about everyone hasn't had experiences of identity theft. iWallet also offers a lot of discounts and cashback opportunities for the people who spend a lot. Sending and giving money is really easy on top of that.

Online casinos have a lot of incentives for their users to use iWallet. They may be in Canada, where their dollar isn't as valuable as the American dollar, but still has money that can be spent. Using iWallet allows the people as well as the owners of the casinos to get their money faster.

There are many times where you will get iWallet payments almost instantly when you request your winnings that you worked hard for. This has earned them a lot of positive reception and outside of credit cards, they are one of the most used payment methods available to just about everyone.

The biggest con is that you won't be able to use iWallet at the atm. Almost none of the atms scan QR codes because this form of pay hasn't reached that level of popularity. There is a problem of getting hacked if you aren't secure enough with your account information.

 There are many people who wish to take your money and can be easy for hackers to get in if the company gets hacked. Make sure that your email associated with your account is private and you have a long password. These consequences are inevitable with almost any company.

The biggest negative comes from the lack of security that you would have if a cyber attack happened to the company who's holding you money. In theory, they would be able to steal most of your money. Aside from threats of legal action, iWallet would have no incentive to fight and get your money back.

Most of these companies don't want to scam you, they want more methods for you to be able to pay. They want things to be fair for both parties so that there is responsibility and accountability if something were to go horribly wrong.

 - iWallet casino FAQ

 - Is it safe to play at iWallet Casinos?

Most casinos are going to be able to respect the fact that you want to be more secure with the money you spend there. The more popular casinos that you see in big cities will have more payment opportunities for their customers.

 - Does every casino accept iWallet?

At this time, only the biggest names in the casino industry seem to accept iWallet. This could just be because they have more customers and the service works a lot faster than traditionally means. There also aren't enough failures that you may have in the case of someone using a credit card. In those situations, it's easier to find times of someone getting denied just for suspicions.

 - Are iWallet casinos legit?

Most of the ones that accept this payment method are completely legit. In fact, the more payment methods that these casinos choose to accept, the less likely they are able to scam you when you play games. It doesn't mean that you can't be scammed in other ways, but just that there are a lot of safeguards in front of them to protect you.

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