I Debit payment method for casino

I Debit only stores money for a shorter period. The maximum number of days the money can be in the account is twenty-eight days .this is unlike other e-wallet services that store cash for a more extended time.

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I Debit can be described as a debit payment method offered to clients mostly in Canada. It is used by most people to make payments from their online accounts for fees, goods, foods, and even casinos. I debit commonly used by gamblers in many countries and especially in Canada. The payment method allows for deposit and withdrawal of money directly from the bank without going into a lot of details. Its main agenda was to enhance secure payment of bills from online banks and exchange between different accounts and pay for various services without using credit cards.

I debit offers fast and quick services. The method is safe and allows you to make payments directly to the bank and is safe to withdraw money back to the bank .there are professions trained to help you know where to play, and they give proper guidelines to new and old players. The features that come with this I debit include:

  • Many slots are available from high ranked companies.
  • It's easy to deposit via the I debit platform.
  • The services are available to customers at any given time of the day or night.

Famously, I debit is used by bet way, jackpot city, spin casino, and double deposit bonus platforms.

The system provides for safe online transactions that utilize banking accounts to make withdrawals and deposits from casinos. Other methods that can enable one to carry out these transactions are:

  • Opening an I debit account makes it easy for the system to formulate an e-wallet that links I gaming service one admires to their bank account.
  • I also debit common in many countries with laws to be followed. Users from Canada have a specific number they use to access the services. Subscribers from other parts of the world, on the other hand, have an average number they use. Both of the services are obtained through the use of the telephone.

How to make deposits to I debit

Depositing to I debit card is a symbol process that one can do through various steps as follows;

  • Register for an internet casino that advocates for this as a depositing option.
  • Design the manner you will need to use the debit card. This can be done by signing an account similar to an e-wallet account, which will allow one to store their currency in a limited way. One can also opt to enter as a visitor, and by so doing, they won't have to encounter registration charges.
  • Afterward, one is supposed to have a working bank account that operates with the network.
  • Choose from the cashier section of i Gaming service the method you want to use for your deposit and the amount to deposit.
  • The system will take you back to the I debit site where you will log in to your account you created earlier.
  • In case one lacks an account, they will choose the financial institution of their choice from the many available options .first one will select their country then proceed to the bank account on the list.
  • Logging to the internet banking system will be the last step. Verification and approval of the transaction will be done at this position. The money will show up on the casino balance within a short time, and you can proceed to play.

How to withdraw from I debit account

Withdrawals are made by using the same network. This is only available to users who have an I debit account. Before removing, one needs to identify if the casino allows for the withdrawal of the money by I debit. When you are confident the service is offered, visit the cashier section, fill in your details. The funds will be moved to the I debit account.

Withdrawing from my debit account takes around five business days to reflect in the bank account.

Pros and cons of I debit


I debit various advantages to players. The method is private and secure to deposit and withdraw money. What makes this system safe is the international rules and regulations that govern it and are accepted globally. The system that is monitored globally has a lot of gurus. Stealing from this genius is not easy at all.

In case one does not want to associate themselves with casinos directly, then they don't have to worry at all. Sharing private information with betting sites won't be noticed because of the privacy the system offers.

I debit also enables individuals to pay off their bills directly from the online bank account without any cards, which reduces the cost of transferring money before payments are made, thus cheaper.


  • The primary shortcoming of this method is that it is only limited to one country Canada.
  • I debit card is not free, and this the most significant disadvantage it possesses. There is a small fee charged both on depositing and withdrawing money. Most users are discouraged by the charges, but the other services offered are standard. The costs provided here depend on the currency value that one is transacting.
  • This method is linked to the bank and only used by those with bank accounts. Gamblers who lack bank accounts are thus significantly disadvantaged and hard for them to gamble using this method.


Is it safe to play at I debit Casinos?

Yes, playing at I debit casino is very safe. The reason is that I debit can't allow one to share their bank information with the online casinos. Making payments are also made directly without the use of credit cards which makes it safe for use by individuals. Payments are also free of charge to all the players.

Do all casinos accept I debit payment method?

I debit many online casinos to accept the payment method. Casinos mostly recognise the payment method in European countries. There are approximately thirty-seven online casinos that accept I debit as a payment method.

Is I debit casino payment method legit?

I debit casino payment method is very legit. It has been proven to be among the best as it offers fast and reliable deposit and withdrawals. The method also has high-security value and should be trusted fully.