All You Need To Know About EcoPayz Payment Option

EcoPayz is a renowned payment option that is used worldwide to conduct various transactions with ease. It has been one of the pioneers in the field of creating digital wallets and revolutionizing the payment methods of individuals and businesses globally. EcoPayz was founded in the year 2000 as an ecoCard forum which makes it one of the pioneers who has the longest-running digital wallet establishment.

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The company specializes in prepaid cards, contactless payment, virtual prepaid cards, and digital wallets. EcoPayz has managed to spread its footprints across 159 countries where it offers top-notch services to several businesses. Its payment services can be availed with over 45 currencies which are prominently used in the global arena. This expansive service offering helped EcoPayz penetrate the payments market in the international arena.

EcoPayz is headquartered in Horsham, England. The year 2009 was a landmark year for this company as they collaborated with MasterCard. EcoPayz became the primary wing of MasterCard in the card issuance department.

The EcoCard team thought of revamping their brand communication and so it was in the year 2013 that the company renamed itself to EcoPayz. Since its inception in 2000, EcoCard was operated and handled by PSI-Pay Limited after which it came under the purview of Financial Conduct Authority in the year 2008.

Some of the prominent features of EcoPayz are:

  • The company follows strict regulations and is FCA regulated
  • It specializes in online payments and handling e-wallet services
  • Extremely suitable and easy-to-use in any E-commerce transactions
  • It has a string of virtual card facilities and �ecoVouchers' for its customers
  • Specializes in casino payments and online transactions

EcoPayz Deposit and Withdrawals

EcoPayz provides a seamless interface for depositing and withdrawing money during casino sojourns. This payment option is a boon for gamblers who can conduct the gaming transactions with ease enjoying complete security. If you are familiar with the way PayPal works then using EcoPayz will be absolutely no big deal. You will have to create an online account where you need to top up some amount from time to time.

Once you are set, you can start making transactions from your EcoPayz account. Here are the steps through which you can make a deposit for your casino games:

  • Ensure that your ecoAccount is set up properly

To use the services of ecoPayz, you need to have your ecoAccount set up in a proper manner. You need to provide your basic information and have the required identification documents ready. You have to top up your ecoAccount with a certain amount so that you can transact anytime anywhere. You can top up your ecoAccount with the help of Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Bank Transfer, and American Express.

  • Select the �Deposit' option in the online casino's cashier section

Every online casino has a payment section or a cashier segment where you can opt to deposit your money using the EcoPayz account. Once you click on the Bank or Payment segment, choose �EcoPayz' as your deposit option. The payment interface can vary from one casino to the other.

  • Sign in to your ecoAccount and make the payment

You will be instructed and guided to go to your ecoAccount, type your deposit amount, and make the payment. Make sure you enter the correct wagering amount according to the game that you would like to play.

  • You will get an intimation in your online casino payment segment that your money has been deposited

Once the deposit is successfully completed, keep an eye on the payment segment of the online casino to see if the newly deposited amount is getting reflected.

EcoPayz also offers swift and hassle-free withdrawal of money. You need to remember the fact that there can be a minimum or maximum withdrawal limits that are allowed by different casinos. Here are the instructions of withdrawing money from online casinos:

  • Firstly, ensure that your banking details are properly submitted with the online casino to prevent any sort of fraud. Then you need to click on the Bank section or payment section of the online casino.
  • You have to select the �EcoPayz' option to withdraw your money. The concerned casino might ask you to submit certain relevant identification or banking documents to fulfill the payment criteria.
  • Finally, you need to enter your details like account number, security ID, and the amount you want to withdraw. The lower limit and the upper limit can vary from one casino to the other.

Every casino takes different processing time to send the withdrawal amount to your ecoAccount. It can vary between 24 hours to 3 days. Once the withdrawal amount is reflected in your ecoAccount, you can make further transactions using your e-wallet or transfer the amount to your bank account.

Pros and Cons of EcoPayz

EcoPayz has developed in leaps and bounds to become a big name in the casino and online payment industry. It has revolutionized the payment methods with its top-notch interface which allows the transactions to happen within seconds. In this segment, we will describe the pros and cons of EcoPayz.

Pros of EcoPayz:

  • Robust screening and compliance to detect fraud
  • Proper KYC of all the customers to prevent unscrupulous elements and fraud
  • Protects your bank accounts from directly transacting with the casinos. It acts as a protective layer between banks and casinos.
  • EcoPayz is a popular payment option with nearly the majority of the top casinos. So the players will not feel stranded anywhere.
  • 24/7 customer support system through email address, phone call, and live chat.
  • Offers swift gateways and withdrawal processes.
  • No need to be afraid of any chargeback.
  • It follows the rules and regulations mandated by PCI DSS

Cons of EcoPayz

  • It is mainly restricted to the countries in the European Union. EcoPayz cannot be used everywhere in the world.
  • You might incur certain transaction fees while depositing or withdrawing money from the casino

EcoPayz Casinos FAQ

Is It Safe to Play at EcoPayz Casinos?

Yes, it is safe to play at casinos having the EcoPayz payment option. You might incur a small transaction fee but EcoPayz has a reputation of assuring safety and security to its customers. You can go ahead and play at EcoPayz casinos without any worry.

Do Every Casino Accept an EcoPayz?

EcoPayz is a very well known and reputed organization whose services are vouched worldwide by its clients. Nearly every online casino accepts EcoPayz as one of its payment methods.

Are EcoPayz Casinos Legit?

EcoPayz is very particular about compliance and regulatory guidelines. It collaborates with only those casinos which have proper license and are legit. You do not need to worry about the legitimacy of EcoPayz casinos as those casinos work under legal guidelines.

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