Bitcoin Online Casinos

Bitcoin, gaming, and online gambling are practically the perfect combination. There are many advantages to playing Bitcoin since transactions are fast and anonymous, there are no chargebacks, and you don't need to worry about taxes.

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Bitcoin, as a currency, has gained a lot of ground and is widely accepted within online casinos. Thanks to its high security, reliability, and complexity, it is one of the most attractive options, which is why it has become one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies worldwide.

BTC is a digital currency. It's a "peer to peer" system of monetary transactions, with no relation to banks.

Why is Bitcoin a secure method of payment in online casinos?

  • Bitcoin is not an official currency of any country or banking, it is a cryptocurrency, and therefore it is a decentralized digital currency. This means that it is not linked to any financial entity, state, or even corporation.
  • As it is not an official currency and is a secure payment method, it is entirely legal to place bets on BTC anywhere in the world.
  • The transactions made with Bitcoin are completely private and instantaneous, making it easy to make payments and withdrawals in this currency.
  • Bitcoin is a reasonably secure payment method, so hacks or thefts are almost impossible without the user noticing the situation.
  • It is estimated that there are some 100 million users of BTC currently, which gives greater confidence to this cryptocurrency.
  • The value of this cryptocurrency fluctuates for many reasons, but it has reached a value of 20 thousand USD, which makes it even more popular in online casinos.

Features Of BTC Gambling

  • Gambling with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming very popular; this is due to Bitcoin's elements such as privacy, speed, ease of fundraising, transparency, and security.
  • It becomes clear that casinos are not only taking hold as an industry today but have started an unstoppable movement of online growth.
  • Ability to play anonymously, as BTC casinos do generally not ask for any personal information.
  • There are no commissions for deposits or withdrawals. If you ever deposited to an online casino with a credit card, you will know the pain of paying a percentage on every transaction and not to mention the horrible withdrawal fees.
  • Since it is played anonymously, casinos do not need to do KYC verification. you don't need to scan your documents or invoices that have your address registered there. FIAT casinos use this as an excuse to pay you, which never happens with Bitcoin.
  • Not only your money withdrawals are commission-free, but they are also almost instantaneous. On average, the withdrawals are approved and available in your account a few minutes after being requested.
  • You can not only betting on websites, but you can also bet through your mobile phone or device.
  • Bitcoin casinos are quicker to deposit and withdraw money.
  • Your credit cards and bank information won't be used for any fraud.
  • You control all of your funds.

Make Deposit with Bitcoin

To make deposits or a transfer at an online casino using Bitcoins, you must first have Bitcoins. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it isn't, as getting them differs somewhat from traditional currencies.

  • You must create a Bitcoin Wallet; it is an electronic account to receiving and sending BTC, also to get payments with it. You have two ways to create your Wallet: with a software on your PC or by registering on an online Bitcoin Wallet website such as,,, or others.
  • Then you can buy BTC from companies, they will send you Bitcoin in exchange for money. For example, or
  • After you have this, you must log in to the casino or bookmaker. You go to the "Cashier" option, select to make deposits with Bitcoin, and go to your wallet.
  • The casino should have provided you with an encrypted address for the deposit. This address will enter your Wallet in the money transfer option, along with the amount to deposit, and then you accept or confirm the transaction.
  • Once this is done, you will have the money to place your bets online safely.

Best BTC Casinos 2022

Here are some of the best online casinos sites:

  1. BitStarz
  2. mBit Casino
  3. Bitsler Casino
  4. CloudBet
  5. King Billy Casino
  6. 1xBit
  7. Betmaster Casino
  8. Fairspin
  9. Casinoin
  10. RioBet Casino

In 2017, the price of Bitcoin shot to up to $20,000 per Bitcoin, which lead to an increase in the number of users. This led to a steep decline of its value, and currently, it is trading at $7,000 per Bitcoin. The first real transaction recorded for Bitcoin was in Florida when a bitcoin miner bought two pizzas at a Papa johns for about 10,000 bitcoins. You can easily mine Bitcoins through your computer power, and although it initially had an interest among the miners, it was barely traceable or even recognizable.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a digital currency that does not need a bank or any intermediary. It is regulated and verified by Bitcoin miners; online users who create and mine Bitcoin with their computers and mathematics or simply cryptography. Bitcoin is used to deposit into online casinos and even buy goods and services online at the comfort of your home. Created by a person or group known by the name Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency on the globe. Initially, after its launch in late 2008, it held no value, that is until around 2010 when the value of Bitcoin shot from $0.0008 to $0.08 for every single Bitcoin. Bitcoin as a currency has seen both highs and lows. it has sometimes crashed to the point of almost valueless and sometime skyrocketed

Bitcoin Online casinos

Bitcoins have seen worse time as in the case of famous Bitcoin traders like MT. Gox and Silk Road website were shut down by the federal government of the United States. Use of Bitcoins as deposit methods to online casinos started to peak in 2013 when the value of a Bitcoin skyrocketed. Some of the top online casinos began introducing the Bitcoin payment method to its customers. This is because it was not only secure, but also it did not involve intermediaries and transaction fees that came with them. The fact that the value of Bitcoins tends to fluctuate occasionally has hindered most of the top casinos from accepting bitcoin as a payment method.

Bitcoin transactions are usually fast and instant, and it is considered by many online casino players as more secure than even the Visa and other credit and debit cards. As of April 2022, Bitcoin had gained billions of users and its transactions running into trillions.

Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals

Before you know how to deposit and make withdrawals from online casinos using bitcoins, you should know how to buy, store and even mine Bitcoins. First, download a bitcoin wallet where you will store your bitcoins, and then you can use bank transfer and even credit cards to buy bitcoins on the exchanges in your wallet. You might need to provide a photo id and other identification details. As much as bitcoins experience price volatility and unclear taxation, they are becoming a force to be reckoned with, in terms of online casino payment methods.

Β How to Deposit to online casinos using bitcoins?

  • After creating your bitcoin wallet and buying bitcoins or mining them, look for a reliable, secure and legit online casino that accepts bitcoin as a payment method. It is advisable to also look for the ones that offer their bonuses in bitcoins.
  • Register an account with the online casino and verify it. Log in to your registered account and go to the banking or payment page and choose bitcoins.
  • Enter the amount of bitcoins you wish to deposit and then enter the bitcoin wallet number of your bitcoin wallet. Confirm the payment through a prompt from the online casino.
  • The transaction should be able to go through immediately if you have the necessary amount of Bitcoins in your wallet.

How to make a withdrawal using bitcoins from online casinos

Making withdrawals using bitcoins is just as simple as depositing using bitcoins. Go to your casino's payment page, choose to withdraw from the online casino using bitcoins. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and enter your bitcoin wallet number. Confirm the transaction, and it should reflect instantly in your bitcoin wallet as the online casino is not involved in any of the transactions. It is worth noting that some casinos have put up restrictions and processing times for bitcoin withdrawals.

Using bitcoins for transactions with online casinos is the safest and fastest payment method than any other out there. It takes an average of 2 minutes for it to reflect, and of course, hacking Bitcoin is almost impossible.

Pros and cons of bitcoins


  • It is fast and easy to transact using bitcoins to deposit and withdraw your winnings.
  • You don't need intermediaries like banks and other financial institutions which immensely quickens up the transactions.
  • There are no or minimal transaction fees involved as there are no third parties involved.
  • It is profitable for active gamblers as the house edge is very low to up to might seem useless to perennial gamblers, but it is quite essential for the active players.
  • It practically has no legal restrictions or taxation as it is not regulated at all in some countries.


  • The price volatility makes bitcoin very unreliable and unprofitable sometimes as a payment method.
  • Other online casinos face a transaction speed of up to 15 minutes which is pretty low for any blockchain cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoins do not choose which online casino to work with or not. Hence some of them are scams and not legit, and you might end up losing your bitcoins.

Bitcoins casinos FAQ

Is it safe to play at Bitcoin casinos?

Yes and No, if you are speaking in terms of using Bitcoins as a payment method, it is absolutely safe and heavily encrypted if handled well. But some online casinos offering bitcoins as payment methods are not legit. The responsibility is on you researching and finding a legit online casino that offers bitcoin as a payment method. This is because bitcoin is not heavily regulated.

Do every casino accept bitcoin?

Am afraid no? Some of the biggest online casinos in the market do not still accept bitcoin as a payment method due to the price volatility. Some big and legit online casinos accept bitcoins across the world but not nearly enough.

Are Bitcoin casinos legit?

Most of this Bitcoin payment method casinos are safe, but some take advantage of the unregulated nature of bitcoins to steal bitcoins from unsuspecting players. The onus is on you as a player to do enough due diligence to find the best and legit online casino.